Web Accessibility


The public business entity Aena attached to the Ministry of Public Works, provides its users with a practical communication channel which is accessible to everyone and is aimed at removing barriers and improving the presence of its website on the internet. It does so in accordance with the criteria of maximum simplicity, scope and effectiveness, in order to disseminate information and publicise the services on offer to anyone who wishes to find out about them.


This action is in line with the directives of the European Union Council Resolution of 25 March on the on the eEurope Action Plan 2002: accessibility of public websites and their content", complies with the stipulations of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services Act (Ley de Servicios de la sociedad de la información y del comercio electrónico) of 11 July 2002 and conforms to the guidelines of the "Guide for editing and publishing General State Administration websites".

WAI Guidelines

WAI-AA accessibility certificate

In this sense, the content of the Aena website has been validated with the Double-A certificate, in accordance with the recommendations of the WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative), an international working group that belongs to the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) which works to ensure that no group experiences discrimination of any kind which could lead to social fractures in the virtual world. Thus, the techniques used on the Aena portal are in keeping with those indicated by the WAI, both for XHML and for CSS.

Hyper Text Markup Language Cascading Style Sheets

External Certificates

To achieve this objective of facilitating access to all people, we have received the help of two external organisations, responsible for certifying compliance with the W3C WAI guidelines at the Double-A Validation level.


Technosite AA Stamp Euracert AA Stamp

Technosite, a company belonging to the ONCE Foundation, certifies that:
On 10/10/2007 an audit was carried out on the Aena website with web address http:/http://www.aena.es.

The audit results satisfy the Double-A Level accessibility requirements of the W3C-WAI accessibility directives for web content, version 1.0, with the following exceptions:

Cartography, Statistics, The Weather (English version) and Airport Shops.

Furthermore, a great number of the documents in PDF format on the Aena website that are prior to the date of this certification do not fulfil the basic accessibility requirements.

With the issuing of this certificate, Aena undertakes to offer documents in an accessible form to any user who requests them.


King-eClient AA Stamp

King-eClient, using the King-eAccess methodology, has certified that the website http://www.aena.es is accessible at AA level according to the WAI guidelines. This point entails compliance with all Priority 2 Guidelines, enabling access and browsing by any user through the site. The collaboration between King-eClient and Aena forms part of the process of constructing a website for everybody. it, global access has been created to the site, without barriers for anyone, standardising the same contents for all users. To issue this certificate, King-eClient has analysed the pages of http://www.aena.es during their creation, proposing the necessary corrections to the incidents detected regarding access to the website by all users. Once the barriers were corrected, accessibility to the website was certified on 5 September 2007.


We are currently working to improve accessibility on all of the pages of our site. If you notice any anomalies, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail: